Carmageddon 2 PC Game

Are you a lover of violent, mayhem and humorous games? An enthusiast for super-fast car games? Well, the Carmageddon 2 PC game is the right game for you. This remarkable game has a lot of outstanding features that could leave you stuck on your PC all day. Through this paper, we are going to give you a review of this game, tell you all about this game, its awesome features and the reason you need to play this game.


Features of the Game

The game features a huge range of different drivers and cars. Each of these drivers has their unique cars and personalities. The driving styles of all these drivers are also very different to try and give you competition from all possible perspectives.

Carmageddon 2 also features, at least, ten different environments with stunning features. These conditions together with the 3D display help to give you a background that keeps makes the game interesting and very attractive. Some of the environments include deserts, airports, snowy places, etc.

With 30 tracks, the game has ten manic levels of missions that you are expected to complete. There are also planes and waste trains in this game that you have to look out for. On the roads, you will also come across some wildlife animals like penguins and moose!

In this game, you will get bonus points that are hidden for you to find. You are also going to gain points from driving recklessly all over the road. This means that you go destroying everything in your path, and this will earn you points!

The tracks on this game are also world class in quality. Going round the tracks will make you feel like you are in a different century! The soundtrack of the entire game is equally incredible. The heavy metal songs from Sentience and Iron Maiden correctly complete the mayhem feeling of this impressive game.gameplay

Aim of the Game

Your primary target for you as a player is to find your way up the rankings of the driver’s list in this game. When the game starts, you will be at number 99. Therefore, you will have to put in a lot of effort to make it to the top. You can beat the various levels in this game in three different ways.

– Wrecking all your opponent’s cars

– Killing the pedestrians you come across the roads

– Completing the races in race course levels found in this game

The different levels all have their time limits that you have to beat. However, destroying opponent’s vehicles, passing checkpoints and gaining PowerUps will help you to get more time. These actions will also get you awarded with credits that you can use to repair and improve your car.


The Carmageddon 2 PC game is, therefore, an awesome game that you have to make sure it is installed on your PC. Get the game right now and the violence and humor that is in this game will keep you glued!

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